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With HUMANISM, we aim to activate the INNER TECHNOLOGY via Physical, Mental, Emotional  and Spiritual realms

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As a young Child, JCwired started to display his full passion for the Human activity, very kinesthetic and active in all forms of sports and entrepreneurial endeavors. This passion took him to obtain certification in personal training and nutrition and to compete in the complex world of Bodybuilding at a very young age.

JC's background and experience in professional endeavors and business operations began long before further academic pursuits and receipt of a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from E.A.N. School of Business Administration in Bogotá, his Colombian hometown.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Juan made a pivotal decision to relocate to the United States. in 1999 after a decisive and crucial time of Chaos governed by Pablo Escobar and all the Drug Mafias from the late 80's and 90's.  The only identity of believing in Colombia was its Emeralds, Coffee but a non existential sense of values and belonging where guided him to leave his hometown of Bogota y and move to Texas.

His passion for lifelong learning led to continued studies in Construction Administration through The University of Oklahoma, the Foreign Exchange market and a never and constant renovation of knowledge in the new trends of nutrition, wellness and fitness. In the years following the financial crisis of 2008, Juan frequently traveled abroad on a mission to broaden his perspective and understanding of the global chains of human behavior, gaining valuable knowledge and a sincere appreciation for the similar features and unique variations in the human psychology of diverse cultures and nationalities.

As a response of a constant Social pressure to achieve, perform and accumulate nothing but material things, JC founded 4 companies all based in the Real Estate arena and the investment world. A coworking space in the city of Houston @Wicowork,  a Real Estate firm @WireInternational, airbnb property management @Wicolivig and a consulting firm for investments in construction.

From an early age, JC displayed a total passion for the human being and his/her physical body, Excelling in a variety of sports like Soccer, Volleyball, mountain bike and bodybuilding were he began at the age of 18, taking him to explore Nutrition, Personal Training, competing in bodybuilding and becoming an expert in the functionality of the Human Engineering.

During the Economical Turmoil of 2008, JC begins a more in depth spiritual search and hero's Journey of self discovery. Theses path has brought to emerge himself to find the real truth of things, going to the mountains of Colombia and experiencing the wisdom of Shamans from the Amazons, Natives of the Sierra Nevada, the Cofans, Kogis, Wiwas, Aruacos, enduring ceremonies of Ayahuasca brew (yagé), Rapē, psilocybin, Kambo and most recently expanding his studies over the ancient practices of Sacred Geometry and most recently, Astrology, Alchemy, Bio Nutrition, Transpersonal psychology and Esoteric Philosophy.

Currently JC's is helping close ones and his clients achieve the best expressions of themselves by incorporation major changes in their lifestyles like adapting better  and more Bio Intuitive diets, transmute and adapt their environment from air quality, water restructuring, EFM adaptation via wiring of systems and allowing the Bio Sacred Geometry to block the pollution of electro Magnetic fields, sound and vibration, and earthing.

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To see the INVISIBLE first must see the VISIBLE.

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