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All of our ancestors, in all geographical regions in ancient times, would take a time for inner and outer connection especially in times where the Modern Astronomy recognizes as Planetary Events. Full moons, New Moons, Solar and Lunar eclipses, Solstices and Equinoxes are great times to recreate what our ancestors have done for centuries. For the last 10 years I have been implementing them and I am a witness of its powers and its potential so this is why I would like to share with you activities, protocols and rituals I do during this special times.


I normally will perform (depending on my needs) a cleanse for the following organs

lIVER CLEANSE, KIDNEYS CLEANSE AND Colon Therapy (Colon Hydrotherapy). These organs receive a lot of in-formation and they are our filters that we must drain so we can have a proper functionality.

There are at least 100 trillion cells in the human body and it is estimated that about another 100 TRILLION microorganisms reside in ourselves. According to Symbiosis natural laws we should have a balance microbiome meaning have equivalent bad and good bacteria in our gut. Indigenous tribes perform once a week a spiritual and body cleanse to rid the body from toxins and bad energies and they do it so frequently even-though they live in communion with nature, CAN YOU IMAGINE US IN THE URBAN JUNGLES? We probably would need at least 1 per day!! During moon phases or strong planetary activities, these protocols get expanded and its effectiveness is amplified.

From food, negative thoughts, electronics, vicious actives as drinking, parting, indulging in the consumption of candy and sweets and from talking. Fasting also improves any Parasite control we must be performing at the time.

After spending time with indigenous tribes from the Amazons (Cofans) and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta (Kogis and Wiwas) the constant state of gratitude and offering to the Universe and mother earth is remarkable since they do not take AIR and SUN light for granted and simple a matter that there is always....

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