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It was when I started to feel exhausted, disoriented, losing my clarity in my vision, multidimensional focal points of energy flow not allowing me to recover, focus nor gain clarity in my goals around all my roles as a son, brother, entrepreneur, boss, team player. It was then when I decided to fully understand why and how so people were more active or at least seam act like they had energy to fulfill their dreams, their purposes and become more effective in their daily lives.

I noticed I have achieved tremendous levels of success yet feeling empty or not having the enough presence or feeling present in the moment due to exhaustion. It was then when I decided to go to the bottom of it and gather what it seems to me what my grant parents always taught me and what many ancient practices seem to be utilizing for thousands of years.

Talking to many fellow entrepreneurs, business leaders, team members, and simply friends and family, I also noticed that this sense of lack of energy, getting sick constantly, drained and possibly suffering from several types of illness, diseases, constant fatigue and losing the sense of purpose was and continue to become a common factor denominator in all my conversations. Always with the right ideas or business yet not having the full or the consistency to bring the to life.

The machinery we call society has created a trend of total Adrenal fatigue and body early aging due to the constant frequent demands for success, evolution, technology development just to name a few, that is draining humanity to the point of partial or total sense of consciousness.

Let me tell you a little story about our ancestor and history… Back in the 1800 not to go thousands of years back, our ancestors used to work the land and live in the land, not so in what we take pride of our Urban Jungles; back then health was a normal state of life, not a privilege of what it has become now. The practice of Homeopathic healing, and shamanic practices was completely normal, actually the word cure was not even contemplated. Doctor were actually a higher position in communities where their sense of responsibility for the collective was at its highest, not for monetary reasons and but for the sense of ethics and purpose in life.

Also communities were in direct contact as many other living creatures, with nature, something we have deprived ourselves nowadays living in isolated cities of concrete walls, fast cars and pollution. Then in the early 1900's or to be more specific during the Industrial Revolution that the dark ear or the massive destructive path took force. It was then when Mr. Rockefeller discover the synthetics and grocery stores, master plan communities were created to be easily manipulated but one of the strongest industries on this planet, the pharmaceutical industry owned buy the real few powerful in this world.

After the creation for the synthetics, the birth of pharmaceuticals and vitamins was place on the market, along with grocery stores selling products close to death in energy or nutritional value, in order to keep them long enough on the shelf for massive sales and then to be supported by the vitamins due to the low quality food and the destruction of soil by massive usage of it without proper treatments to bring in it back to healthy soil fields.

Not to enter into further discussion about this conspiracy theories that most of the I see them as real, the fact is that we live in world full of manipulations from the food we eat, the jobs we perform where we are constantly told to get a job with all the so called "Benefits", a pension to retire, a medical insurance plan and a low expectation for our elderly lives.

It was then when I realized I needed to free myself up from any systems and allow me, to become my center of gravity, to recover one of my natural states of being, which is staying always healthy, present and full of light and clarity for myself, my family and my companies.

After reading dozens of books, many written in from the 15 to the 1900’s, Philologist and writer Fabio Colonna in the 1500 already understanding and discovering the psychoactive healing plants; in the 1600's a peasant Austrian Farmer/lawyer and considered the founder of the modern hydrotherapy after becoming unable to perform law due to his epilepsy, turned in studying of ancient authors of medicine, botany and natural history, publishing about fossils and its healing powers; and Sebastian Kneipp, a German/Bavarian priest and of the the fathers of the well known naturopathic medicine movement in the 1700's with his reputable Hydrotherapy or the "Kneipp Cure" and its therapeutic healing effects, then moving to South America to continue his journey as a priest but above all to bring his method and cure the ill in countries like Colombia and Chile where he left a legacy with reputable Lawyer, Doctor and patient of his Manuel Lezaeta that after overcoming obstacles of illness and the power of the already overtaken industry of the Medical world, published a book that has changed my life, a book that my grandfather would make me read in order for me to learn how to read and written in 1930 and that now has become one of my manuals and it has open my eye of awareness to bring this ancient knowledge and wisdom to the hands of many, specially you.

This total awareness has been followed by a journey of creating 4 companies, competing in bodybuilding, playing with a band in bars, traveling the world to simply get the sense of how other cultures live their daily routines and to obtain degrees and certification in order to gain clarity that the most important machinery I own, is me, my own body and how little I have taken to fully feel and understand its complexity and its powers.

My most recent trips are no longer about going to view a new destination but to gather the most precious and valuable practices that have been forgotten and is my responsibility and job to bring them to you, Most recently I have come down to my motherland Colombia, to its mountains and jungles that once I thought they were places for never ever go and that now I see them as the source of energy for humanity. Going deep to the jungles of my own country of Colombia to the Amazons, gathering with Taitas (Indigenous Shamans) from the Amazons and Mamos (Indigenous Shamans) Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and celebrating tough, yet revitalizing ceremonies of Ayahuasca and Poporo, where the full scenery of Wisdom from indigenous authorities along with the touch of the plants, creating perfect moments of healing, empowering and detoxification leading to clarity on my purpose on to why I am writing this manual for you. I have not invented nor created any of the following practices, methods, rituals or actions, my job is simply to bring them back to life since a higher level of awareness for more consciousness and less reactiveness is much needed in this world than ever. There are 7 plus billion humans on this planet on a rate of consumption that will not be sustainable.


I will list here and walk you through all the ancient rituals that I have learned over the years, yet is not the intentions to the them all in one day, actually you will have to dedicate probably a couple of days to get them all done, but I will group them for the ones I would suggest to to daily perhaps two or three, some other to perform on the weekly basis and some others that definitely only the monthly basis.

Now I will also enfize that creating habits and rituals is what I have found to obtain the deepest results in my life, yet I am also aware that either good or bad habits may or will get us out of a conscious mind set. The moment we begin doing things on autopilot mode other functions stop working, like our memory or perception, so the idea is to create this rituals and habits with the mindset that we will perform them to become more aware and the we, at any given time can break free of all of them.

"Instead of studying nutrition and detoxification of the human body, we have been studying germs ... the world is on the wrong path. Rid the body of its toxins and fuel it with right nutrition Done properly and let it be the miracle of health, "Dr. Arbuthnot Lan.


Wake up to an alarm of sounds with no beats

Perform a breathing exercise

Wim Hof, umbilical healing

Make my bed immediately jumping of bed

Decompress my back. Hanging on pulls

Decompress my back. Hanging on pulls

Take always a Cold shower

Play Music during shower of higher vibration

Perform daily Meditation and Yoga and Tai Ch

Use essential oils on my body and also as deodorant

Use essential oils on my body and also as deodorant

Practice daily state of gratitud

Get a Blood-Oxygen activity for 10 minutes at least every 4 hours.

Don't forget to breathe consciously constant


Body tapping for sympahint and lymphatic systems

Cold water wet towels rubbing therapy

Walking barefoot early sun rise on the grass

Going to a open forest or arboretum to walk and connect

Eat meals near to a tree or at a state of total gratitude and mindfulness

Consume only organic and alive food

Stay away from the four whites (salt, sugar, flour, Milk)

Get in to the Sauna

Essential Oils for body and environment

My weekly supplements intake.

Rest and Exercise

Turn most notification off your phone and computer

Change patterns in my seating arrange

Break your day between Creative, Problems solving-Administrative, and Managerial task

Reduce the amount of daily stimulants to the nervous systems as caffeine, Chocolate, cacao, Theobromine, Alcohol.


Practice Fasting, 24 hour fasting, interminting fasting. 5 day fast.

Mudding Therapy. Scars and Stomach

Rinse my nose with Saline Mineral water

Take and Ice plunge or bath entire body

Burning Palo Santo, Sage and Copal

Activity Batching

Not taking any Medicine at all for the last 2 years

Practicing rituals and ceremonies like Ayahuasca, Peyote, Mushrooms, Poporo, Sage

Continuing to develop a hobby or an artist skill or pursue a new one

Take trips or engage in new or purpose activities that make your months to have something to look up for

Have more plants and greens around your office and house.

Learn by details the manual of the most valuable machine you have been given, YOU.

Eliminate all and any energy drainers in your life, weather activities or people

Be mindful that any ritual or habit, if not performed with an act of total presence, will be come simply more activities to fill you already busy day.

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