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With this series of master classes you will be in the position to implement a complimentary and full view of life in its physical manifestations given from the thought forms from the mind of GOD developing a comprehension of a hidden order (Cosmos) and its manifestation In the marvelous geometric creation of earth and the Universe.

Admission Profile

This Master Class is for you if:


  • You have an interest in understanding the suprime logic of the creation of life and existence.

  • You would like to learn more about the manifestations of the thoughts forms from the mind of GOD in on earth.

  • You seek to amplify your understanding and critical view of how nature, universe, cosmos and the Human being all correlated to each other in perfect union.

  • You pretend to attain a critical view of your own self, the worlds and the universe.

  • You feel to have a sensitivity of the importance of human relations and its surroundings.

  • You have the ability of critical reasoning and critical thinking

  • You enjoy the analysis, management and promotion of the human evolution in the current epoch.

  • You have an interest of the studies of the thinking processes and the human cultural and artistic manifestations.

  • You discipline yourself in order to learn new process and incorporate the higher dimension in the thinking methodologies.

  • You have an interest and a disposition to position yourself as a professional in the service to others.

  • You display a sensitivity and openness to the current problems of humanity in social, spiritual and cultural aspects.

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Graduate Profile

The graduated Counselor of Sacredness of Finances, Economy & Policy you will be in the position to perform in areas as commercial, industrial, services, cultural and social economy sectors in:


  • The development of new alternatives to support practices as Yoga, meditation, contemplation, life consciousnes among many others.

  • In Wellness Centers, Ashrams, churches, centers of esoteric studies and any other type of organization with the purpose of Spiritual studies.

  • Areas where conceptual skill is required for research in Esoteric methodologies, world religions, and the explanation and interpretations from the Espiritual Sciences and its impact on human culture and the development of proposals for solutions tu the current state of global affairs.

  • To develop a creative and innovate attitude to analyse and develop solutions from the current quiet often not understood problems of society.

  • To provide use and enrichment of new understandings of life and existence.

  • To work in organizations in sectors as private, government, educational institutions, cultural centers, public establishments, centers of research, non profits and any type of company seeking the become a pioneer in social impact.

  • Self Knowledge as a main tool for human development.


Basic Concepts, Introduction & History


  • Sacred Geometry in ancient civilizations.

  • Fundamentals of Sacred Geometry

  • Sacred Geometry in psychology and esoteric fields.


As a Certified Strategist in Sacred Geometry you will be at Will:

•    To understand the development of ancient civilizations and their development from a occult perspective.
•    To contribute to the elevation of humanity consciousness by applying the divine concepts in to any forms of physical existence in order to go along with the harmony and balnace of the creation.
•    Promote the utilization of cosmic knowledge and inner wisdom based on the understanding of the supreme intelligence of Creation.


  • Egyptian Netters

  • Power elements

  • Merkabah

  • Platonic Forms

  • Code of Creation

  • Understanding of Biogeometry

  • Sacred Geometry in Psychology of humans

  • Hidden primordial knowledge

  • Geometry on Earth

  • Geometry on Humans


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