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On this master class you will be able to become a Pioneer on the renewal of the unimproved actual modern methods on Nutrition and physical and sports performance. The class will help you develop a critical reasoning based on Spiritual Scientific methods in order to create individual and systematic nutritional strategies based on today's unknown facts in order to evolve and improve the current health states, well being, sports performance and above all to elevate Human Consciousness. Such methods have been proven scientifcaly by the Antroposophy Society and Rudolf Steiner

Admission Profile

This Master Class is for you if: 

  • You have the will to develop a critical understanding of the current problems of societies in regards to food, nutrition affecting individuals and nations.   

  • You are searching to identify the correlations between illnesses with food with each individual and collective Karmic input. 

  • You desire to reshape the current state of affairs of nutrition based solely on materialistic realms, in order to structure it to a holistic and more efficient level. 

  • You would like to compromise to serve others via clinical nutritional observations for those who require an intervention in order to help them get to a better state of wellbeing. 

  • You have an interest of developing a full understanding on how current states of agriculture and food production and its effect on the human being in all its aspects, physical, psychological, spiritual, both as individuals and in the collectiveness. 

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Graduate Profile

The graduated Counselor of Spiritual Science of Well being will be in the position to perform in:

  • Human Nutrition from the Spiritual Observation. 

  • Retreat centers, institutes for the preventive holistic care, 

  • Schools, Centers of wellbeing, Community Centers

  • Private and Government entities. 

  • Associations and organizations of the development of care and wellbeing. 

  • Research and Scientific Centers

  • Sport Teams

  • Private practices for nutrition 

  • Spiritual Science of Food

  • Labs for analysis and quality control of food departments

  • Industries dedicated for production proceses, transformation and design of food. 

  • Food companies in search to align new methodologies in accordance with the reduction of hazards created by the current food industry

  • Brand development and food products for artisans and creative enterprises.


Spirit of Food and Esoteric Science of Nutrition & Body Flow


As a Certified Counsel in Spiritual Science of  Wellbeing you will be at Will: 

  • To Create a Critical and holistic observation of the current, past and future state of nutrition of individuals and the whole collective population healthy or ill depending on their stage of life they are in. 

  • To Develop Spiritual and Esoteric science plans of action to increase the public awareness on their own specific needs of nutrition in order to empower the person to have tools of prevention and strengthening their health and food related circumstances. 

  • To promote and radiate protocols for a healthier, holistic and stronger physical states of life. 

  • To design nutritional proposals based on individual traits along with current and current impacts of food.

  • To generate comparative inner and outer analysis of how different methods of agriculture impact food itself and the human being. 


  • Nutrition foundations and spiritual science of foods

  • Monocrops and biodynamic farming

  • The 4 bodies of the human being

  • Astral body and etheric body and their organic functions

  • Holistic humanism

  • Introduction to eurythmy

  • Body language of movement and soul expression

Physical Trainning, Body Movement and Soul Expression with weight lifting & Eurythmym, Fasting, Parasites and lymphatic system.


As a Certified Counsel in Spiritual Science of Wellbeing you will be at Will:

  • To Create a Critical and holistic observation of the current paradigms of physical training.

  • To craft and assertive physical program based on the individual soul's manifestation of existence.

  • To incorporate Music and Painting during workout sessions.


  • Foundations of physical movement  

  • Integrated and holistic fitness approach 

  • The 4 bodies of the human and its interaction movement

  • Introduction to anthroposophical eurythmy 

  • Body movement language and soul expression

  • Parasites, lymphatic system and fasting

Critical Karmic Reasoning of the Orgin of Illness & Disease, Cures, Karma. Coffee Enemas, Fasting. At home Reharmonization toolkits.


As a Certified Counsel in Science of Wellbeing you will be at Will:

  • To determine from the esoteric methodologies how life health circumstances attain to each individual depending on their current and past lives.

  • To design tailored reharmonization rituals and home protocols based on very specific individual life manifestations of the current Karma.

  • To elaborate home essentials based on geographical needs according to each individual stage.


•    Manifestations of Karma in relation of illnesses 
•    Astral and Etheric body influences on health 
•    Implementation of Enemas as a Home tool kit. 
•    Fasting and its psychological and physical effects


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