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These series of Master classes will allow you to develop a deep understing of the Economic process as a Spiritual way of humans to interact. Attaining a critical thinking methodology to ensure future resarch and developments in the areas of finances, policy, economy as new formulation of the current detrimental state of economic affairs locally and globally.

Admission Profile

This Master Class is for you if:


  • You are interested in carrying out sustainable technologic commerce based on the esoteric concepts of the economy, that generates economic value, but that contributes to the reduction of poverty and international inequality. 

  • You would like to bring forward solutions to the problems of economics in regards to society by creating new standards in cultures, the current consumption habits, lifestyles of different nations, associations, communities and the individual person in order to promote new ways of business interactions. 

  • You are attracted to incorporate spiritual science in to the fields of market research and projections based on human nature 

  • You would like to contribute to solve practical problems of international trade and finance of the current epoch by incorporating the quantum fields associated and abandoned in the past. 

  • If you care to reshape your current financial and economic current situation by allowing the superior forces knowledge to be applied on your own home economy. 

  • You posses the will for Scientific quantum analytical reasoning, observation and systematization of the current states of the world economy along with individuals.

  • You seek to generate the power to develop personal and collective ways of management for personal finances along with corporations and enterprises. 

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Graduate Profile

The graduated Counselor of Sacredness of Finances, Economy & Policy you will be in the position to perform in areas as commercial, industrial, services, cultural and social economy sectors in:

  • The development of international strategies to generate new sustainable business models according to non materialist realms

  • Diagnosis, development, implementation and evaluation of expansion plans in foreign markets based on new local associations rather than only government policy

  • Integration of financial, administration and marketing strategies in international companies

  • Consulting and implementation of national and international legal regulations in international business operations

  • Integration of the financial sacredness, administration and marketing strategies in international private associations. 

  • Development of global strategy integration with the understanding of the Activity Essence vs product cost

  • Administration of Resources of the organization in an Association environment. 




  • World Economy Esoteric Origins

  • Capital, Currency, Money, Labor, Natural Resources within the Holistic Understanding.

  • Finances, Money as a form of Manifestation of the Spirit


As a Certified Counsel in Sacredness of Finances, Economy & Policy you will be at Will: 

  • Diagnose the current state of affairs of the Global Economy in order to create proactive and realistic business and project plans for development.

  • To contribute to the elevation of humanity consciousness by allowing the formulation of new ways for the Economic Process and the creation of Association to balance Goverment control.

  • Promote new alternatives of Money as a form of social interaction with the sensitive of the modern era needs and requirements.


•    Foundations of Finance 
•    Money Orgins 
•    Principles of Spiritual Economy
•    Social Organism 
•    World Economy
•    The World as a ONE Economy
•    Social Finance
•    Economy and The Social Order
•    Ethical Markets  --- Green Economy 


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