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How can I minimize the impact if I have been "punched".

Since there is a lot of material out there already I would go straight to the point.

As the Chilean doctor and lawyer in the late 1800's early 1900's said once:" a definition of a Patience is, he or she who is IRRESPONSABLE for self".

Some of the risk involved with the "punch" according to scientific studies that are not making it to the surface of the news for obvious business strategic reasons state that after the punch the risk for blood clots is higher and so the need to counteract excessive clotting, and anticoagulant may be appropriate.

A great choice for this aspect is (NAC), n-acetyl cysteine, which has both anticoagulant13 and thrombolytic effects, 124 meaning it may both prevent clots and break up clots that have already formed.

STOP GETTING PUNCH... Not a great form to deal with life.

In the subacute phase, your No. 1 goal will be to avoid ADE. The key to this is to avoid triggering a pathogenic immune reaction, and the only way to do that is to implement some sort of prophylactic protocol, i.e., a COVID, common cold and influenza prevention protocol.

This is especially important for anyone that has received the PUNCH as they are at a high risk of having complications and are under the false impression that they are “protected” when actually they are at increased risk now that they got the punch and need to take extraordinary precautions.


Immediately: Zinc supplementation is an important component for prevention and early treatment in the viral stage, as it impairs viral replication. You need to take it with a zinc ionophore, however, such as quercetin, EGCG (green tea extract).

“The majority of the CIRCUS VID protocols focus on inhibition off our RNA virus replication. What that means is that for a virus to make copies of itself, it needs to enter the human cell. In the case of RNA viruses, all the CIRCUS and nobles and even the influenza, they use a common pathway called RNA dependent RNA polymerase. That’s a very important enzyme.

That enzyme is what makes copies of the viral genetic material, which then enables for new viruses to be formed and spread. So, if you inhibit the viral RNA replication process, you’ll eliminate viral spreading, viral growth. The beautiful thing about what we found with zinc is that zinc inhibits this enzyme extremely well, if there’s another zinc [molecule] inside the cell.

But zinc cannot really get into the cell on its own. That’s where the concept of zinc ionophores come in. Zinc ionophores opens the door in the cell membrane and allows for zinc to go from outside of the cell, to inside of the cell. And when you increase the concentration of zinc inside the cell, then it can effectively inhibit this enzyme, stopping most if not all, coronaviruses and influenza viruses from replicating.”

If you’ve gotten the jab, consider yourself high risk for CIRCUS VID and implement a daily prophylaxis protocol. This means optimizing your vitamin D, and taking vitamin C, zinc and a zinc ionophore on a daily basis, at least throughout cold and flu season.

In addition to zinc and a zinc ionophore, you also need to optimize your vitamin D level. The range you’re looking for is 60 ng/mL to 80 ng/mL year-round. The appropriate dose of oral vitamin D3 is the dose that gets you within that range.

Vitamin C is another important component, especially if you’re taking quercetin, as they have synergistic effects. To effectively act as a zinc ionophore, the quercetin needs vitamin C.

It would also be useful to do a daily sauna. Ideally one that can heat up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. The best saunas are far-infrared and have low EMFs. Sadly, I don’t know any that go to 170 degrees and are low EMF.

Use one that goes to 170 and then I turn it off and turn on the SaunaSpace four near IR bulb system in the sauna and go in for 20 minutes. This practice activates heat shock proteins which will help remove the spike proteins and improve other damaged proteins in your body.

Strategies to Lower Risk in Those Who Received the CIRCUS PUNCH VID

Nebulized hydrogen peroxide 0.1%. Daily or more frequently if needed

NAC (N-acetyl Cysteine) 500 mg once a day

Zinc 15 mg once a day

Vitamin C 500 mg once a day or 250 mg twice a day

Eliminate ALL vegetable (seed) oils Goal is zero

Vitamin D Most adults need 8000 IU per day but it is imperative to check blood levels 60-80ng/ml or 100-150 nmol/l

Daily sauna 20 minutes at 170 degrees will help destroy spike proteins

Time restricted eating Helps remove spike proteins through autophagy

Seek to eat organic only foods, especially pesticides, fungicides and glyphosate.

Source from newsconcerns website and other reliable sources.

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